Friday, October 17, 2008

super saturday

I am lazy.

Plain old, curl up under blankets and watch television on the internet lazy. While knitting. Maybe not straight up lazy after a 12 hour work day or with the knitting. But ugh nonetheless. Even with that extra day last week, I only managed to straighten up my closet, run errands, and do laundry.

I have curtain material cut out and the sewing machine ready, yet it sits. I have all the contents of my studio, from fabric to paint to paper scraps, in the room, but in piles upon piles needing to be put away. I have two gorgeous colors of paint and rollers and tape sitting in the kitchen poised to jump onto my accent walls. Still nothing.

That all changes tomorrow. (Changes always start tomorrow don't they? Something about the new day thing.) I have six days to get my apartment in shape before visitors arrive for the race weekend and then a work gathering the next. Saturday will see me painting, sewing, setting up, and arranging--not getting sucked into watching those programs I missed this week while putting in long work days.

I'll also be going to an autumn party tomorrow evening for which I plan to make an apple cake with this frosting cut in half, because who really needs 5 cups of Brown-Sugar Swiss Meringue Buttercream? Super Saturday here I come...after a few more hours of data crunching and analysis.

Be well and happy weekend.

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Anonymous said...

5 cups sounds good to me. I say no cuts.