Monday, October 6, 2008

autumn glory

American Ruins at the Arkell was a nice treat on Saturday evening. I snapped a few pics with the phone. The photographer's use of infrared technology created these ghostly images, perfect for capturing the unseen history of decomposing spaces. We were probably the youngest ones at the opening, not a problem for us, but some of the Mohawk Valley's finest seemed to think I should be carded before serving me a glass of pinot grigio.

Sunday afternoon, after we each taught our religious education classes at our own respective parishes, we convened in John Boyd Thacher Park outside of Albany with a number of other folks who are running with the boyfriend in a trail race later this month. The guys had a strong run of nearly 13 miles, I mostly took photos, did a short hike, and worked my diagrams for knitting with double ended needles all while celebrating the beautiful weather and scenery! Achingly autumn is what it felt like.

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leah said...

Strange cooncidence....
My name is Leah, I work at the Arkell Museum. The photographer Arthur Drooker sent us a link to your blog beacuse it comes up in Google under "arkell" and "arthur Drooker"! Anyway, we were reading about how you were at the opening(so nice to see people from Alany making the trek). So I was checking out your blog, and I see your gardening entree, and behold I see my boyfriends new backyard! Last weekend he moved into this building on Elm st, and we were just looking at your garden yesterday! I thought I would share this bizare coincidence, cause it was too strange to keep to myself.