Thursday, October 30, 2008

harvest hospitality

Finally going to have a little gathering in my new home. Not an official housewarming because that would seem indulgent after the recent one at Blue Elm. Instead, Friday is Troy Night Out and so we will be gathering first to eat and then on to galleries and then back to eat. Why not have a progressive evening of food?! There are such yummy choices out there this time of year.

Over at the Chicken, I picked up a recipe for Iced Pumpkin Cookies. I also found a new local bakery to check out, just outside of the city on Route 7, don't you love the format? Seems to exude warm tastiness. Hopefully they can supply me with a selection of additional dessert choices since my other activities this week, the job, have moved in on my baking. We will also be serving warm cider and some autumnal wines selected by the boyfriend (who did a fantastic job helping me clean the apartment, especially consoling me when one of the pictures I had just hung crashed to the floor in an explosion of glass--and then cleaning up the mess himself even though it was my own fault for trusting some new hanging devices that weren't supposed to damage plaster. Guess again).

Now if I can just sew more of the curtains tonight, I will be all set. Oh, and after the cleaning last night we started reading The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (aloud--one of my favorite pastimes to share!). The story will be a film this Christmas with one of the best actresses working right now, Cate Blanchett. Oh yeah, and Brad Pitt is in it ;)


Patti said...

A new place to put on my list to visit when we come see you--the bakery looks amazing! Have fun with your creations, and your night in and out.

jessieknits said...

Hope you have a great gathering at your place! I'll raise a glass to Troy at our wine tasting.