Friday, October 3, 2008

settling in

Last night the boyfriend and I sat down to a fully autumnal meal complete with a sort of deconstructed apple pie for dessert (read, they were supposed to be apple dumplings, but the crust around the apples sort of melted off and puddled around the sugary apple goodness). Then, we created an NPR listening room to hear Biden and Palin share retorts while playing Palin Bingo with candycorn while we assembled my large IKEA shelf unit that has traveled to four apartments with me. Much to my surprise and delight (due entirely to RJR's excellent workmanship) we finished the shelf assembly early and were ready to listen even before the debate started. Definitely needed a Biden Bingo card as well. If hear "fundamental change" one more time...

The weekend is set for more settling in activities like sewing curtains, arranging my studio, and hunting for a secondhand bureau. Will be making and putting up applesauce and deciding on the yarn situation. Saturday is set to conclude with a visit to the Arkell for the exhibit opening "American Ruins" with a talk by photographer Arthur Drooker. "American Ruins features fifty sepia-toned infrared photographs of more than 25 historical sites. Drooker captures these ruins and preserves them for a moment in time. His subjects include adobe missions and the remains of elegant mansions. To be included in Drooker's project, the ruins had to meet certain criteria: they had to be part of a preservation program, they had to have historical value and they had to represent the geographic and architectural diversity of America."

Hope your weekend is grand!

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