Thursday, October 2, 2008

itching to knit

This morning's crisp air has me itching to start a knitting project. Since I have not knit in more than a year, this is something of an unfamiliar feeling. Last fall I was teaching a grad seminar, writing my own work, and driving up to New York often to chase successive autumns across the Northeast. Did not leave much time for knitting. In addition, my fabulously talented friends seemed to have moved so far past my knitting abilities it was almost embarrassing to pick up a set of #11 needles and dive in again. I most want to learn to knit in the round, having given up on it many years ago and not returned. This hat has me inspired. Eliot's mom has mad knitting skills.

J--one of those fabulous knitters--gave me a gift card for my birthday to our favorite yarn and fabric store in NYC, Purl. I was going to use it for fabric, but I'm starting to think I should choose yarn instead. Last year at this time I purchased the most delicious autumnal fabric though. Hmmmm...a trip to the city is in the works anyway so perhaps I'll have to make the decision soon. Then, there are also a variety of wonderful yarns available at the Troy Farmers Market on Saturdays. Ah, tough decisions.

Stay tuned for my knitting mishaps.

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Anonymous said...

Yay for knitting! I have such fond memories of us sitting in our freezing apartment knitting to stay warm. Can't wait to see what you decide to market yarn always has an aura of adventure! (and you can't go wrong if you choose Purl, either)