Tuesday, October 21, 2008

signs and symbols

This book Signs and Symbols came out in April, but I have not come across it until now over at Elle Decoration, a blog written by Heather Moore of Skinny LaMinx. I've posted here about my love for typography, and signs/symbols are not far behind. Symbols are particularly salient for me, explaining part of my attraction to orthodox religious traditions and my ongoing captivation with iconography.

I'm headed to NYC on Friday for some relaxation and a bit of my own research. One of my appointments is near Strand, of the 18 miles of books fame. Populating a list of books I want, need, should have in my collection before making my way over there. A friend recommended Andre Dubus who wrote House of Sand and Fog as well as We Don't Live Here Anymore, that was also turned into a disturbing but excellent film adaptation.

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