Wednesday, April 2, 2008

trash raider

I love to rescue items from the trash heap. That pile of belongings out by your garbage can the night before they pick it up--I might be going through it on my evening walk. I have successfully raided chairs, shelves, knick knacks, books, magazines, and more. And I'm proud of it.

Sunday I pulled a chair out of a dumpster in Little Falls, NY. Hardwood frame. Musty vinyl seat. Sturdy construction. From my fabric stash I pulled out a coveted piece of Amy Butler design that I had been saving for something. It found its match.

The back still needs some work, but I'm in an R&D phase trying to determine the best approach. Then a nice coat of shine to the wood and a throw pillow and it will be all set.


Anonymous said...

beautiful, Bethany!!

Rach said...

love it!

Rebekah said...

Very nice!

(Found your blog while browsing...I think I will bookmark it :))