Saturday, April 12, 2008

poaching pics

Whirlwind of a few days included me driving down and back to Delaware in one day yesterday. 12 hours in the car. Ugh.

So, no creative brain today. And, since I'm hosting a "Welcome B to Albany housewarming party" this evening, there is definitely no new material going up this morning. I am going to share with you a photo taken by my youngest bro, K, or as I often call him Little Buddy. Great morale booster for a 22 year old. He is taking some smashing photos lately and I figured the internets should see them, in the universe beyond facebook where he rules the land. Who has 532 friends and 649 photos of themselves tagged?

Last week he was in NYC for a business competition where his team from RWC came in first, again. Now they head to Chi-town for nationals. They will win. I'm sure of it. This pic was taken later that weekend when the crew was out and about in the Big Apple.

The angle on this is sweet.

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