Monday, April 14, 2008


I have been housewarmed.

Saturday evening a great group of folks assembled at Blue Elm to share each other's company and enjoy tasty food. RJR was an amazing help with cleaning on Thursday evening. S & J arrived early Saturday to help me cook and decorate. We were pleasantly surprised with a 70 degree day and took advantage of it by walking to the grocer to collect the remaining items for the festivities. With a variety of eating preferences present, we differentiated the dishes with tags that had the name of the dish and then its status: vegan, vegetarian, definitely not vegan, etc.

This tag system should have been foolproof, but apparently "Chicken" in quotes under which (vegan) was listed actually did fool a few folks. Which was hilarious. It was a meat free party, but that definitely tripped some of them up. I walked away with some splendid wines, plenty of leftovers, a delightful set of serving pieces, a beautifully framed antique liturgical house blessing, candles, a frame, flavored coffee, and veggie seeds to start inside. All tremendously heartwarming.


jessie said...

So sorry I missed it! Sounds like a lovely time.

Anonymous said...

I still haven't recovered from the SH's deceit! I can't trust any menu, anywhere.