Monday, April 7, 2008

super saturday

Saturday was so grand! I got up bright and early, hit up the hardware store for some essentials, grabbed a coffee, and got to work. Planted my precious organic herb seeds out on the back deck/porch--without a jacket! Warm(er) weather does me good. After planting all those little buggers, I cleaned the apartment top to bottom and hung a few more pictures around the space. Didn't manage to get in any sewing, but I did take a long walk to enjoy the sun and made a collage. In addition, I made some serious progress on a paper for a conference in June. This weekend made all my other Saturdays look like weaklings.

I cheated just a bit on the seedlings by also purchasing two narcissus plants on crack. Or, at least they look that way considering that they have grown nearly 2 inches since Saturday. Immediate gratification as contrasted with the delayed gratification of the seeds. This photo shows one of the bulb planters on Saturday. I'm going to keep taking photos all week to document the growth...also giving me some internal satisfaction that life does grow and change beyond the reality we know now.

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