Monday, April 21, 2008


The last time I was on a bike was in Florida in 2005. We had nice touring bikes that we rode along the shoreline. Yeah the sand was tricky at first, but it made for a soft fall should you tumble. The bikes were also standard touring style, no hunching over and a very comfortable seat. Very comfortable. In Philly, I watched my 540B housemates take their bikes everywhere! Busy roads. Parks. Cobblestones! Totally inspiring me to conquer my fear of riding in the city.

Yesterday, RJR and I took off on two bikes that are on loan to us from friends. They live in Queens, and with a new baby soon to arrive, all the non-essentials were getting kicked out of the apartment. Hence, we are like the godparents to these bikes, keeping watch over them and making sure they get out and about, taking them down the right path--ha ha!

Our destination yesterday afternoon was Washington Park. All sorts of individuals and families were out enjoying the glorious sun. What those unsuspecting folks did not know was that I was also out there amongst them, a newbie. Tottering about in a balancing act--dodging the other riders and moms with strollers. And one point we crossed a footbridge over a stream and this guy, fishing rod in hand, waited for me to slowly pedal up the arched bridge before he cast his suspicious looking bait into the foamy water below. I apologized for my slowness, he just chuckled.

Surprisingly, I made it back entirely in one piece. The boyfriend was infinitely patient with my questions about shifting gears and the fact that I walked the last hill to the house. That was yesterday. Today, I am realizing that a touring bike has that seat for a reason. Oh, pain.


Jessie said...

Well done! I'm contemplating investing in a used bike to increase my urban mobility...Just have to find the right one!

Anonymous said...

You did a good job on the ride. A few more times out and you'll be a pro. You were looking pretty "sporty".