Wednesday, April 30, 2008


For a few of my readers, those three letters may mean nothing. For others of you, they are synonymous with super geek black glasses frames and the unmistakable voice of Ira Glass. RJR got me into the podcasts on long trips back and forth from PA to LF and now I'm spreading the love. He is slightly more of a fan than I, hence we are going to see, in a theatre, with surround sound (so advertises the banner ad on their site) a big screen event of This American Life. This all takes place tomorrow night.

Now typically the radio program features stories from plain old Americans. This event however will have images. There is an accompanying TV show now that I've never experienced. In part, because I think it will make me annoyed.

Plain old Americans aren't that nice to look at. We have goofy mannerisms that detract from the story. Our fashion is often bad. On the radio, I suspend all judgment and listen for the plot to unfold, to scare me, to thrill me, to make me chuckle or perplex me.

I'll try to bring you back a full Ira style report after tomorrow evening. Too bad I won't be wearing my new glasses yet, they are of a great librarian style that Ira and his minions would approve.

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Anonymous said...

There was definitely some bad fashion in that movie, but I think I'll be getting a wide purple tie.