Tuesday, February 26, 2008

lines & shapes

I am excited about this collaborative project from blogland greats Lena Cowin & Maria Vettese. Their small books each feature a shape or line as a starting point, which are then interpreted by several artists.

The cost is reasonable, a little over $20 a book and there are six books coming. And, charter members--the first forty to sign up--receive a tote bag with the project logo on it. I am especially intrigued to see that Jennifer Causey has a piece in the first book. I have some postcard prints from one of her collections. These are frame worthy! Also Maria Vettese herself is in the Circle book. I regularly keep up with Port2Port Press and the 3191 Project, both of which are outlets for her amazingly fresh and prolific talent.

I'll probably miss the tote bag phase, but perhaps with my first paycheck from the "real job" I can join the Lines & Shapes fun.

(photo by Jennifer Causey)

(photo by Maria Vettese)

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