Saturday, February 16, 2008

change of plans

Weather. Gets in the way of many plans. Today I was supposed to be on my way to visit a dear friend in Shanty Bay, Ontario. But, news of a pending storm postponed plans. Hopefully another weekend. The friday feature was also interrupted this week by fate, a car wreck for the boyfriend (he's safe and sound) that had me out in Small Falls longer than I expected. While waiting around for the insurance claim and the repair shop to get sorted out, we made the most of the "day off" and scoured some local antique stores for items for both of our homes. He scored a great 4 piece set of oak Mission furniture at a crazy good rate and I brought back a funky curlicue mirror that I plan to paint bright red for the new apartment.

I also put together the cushions I was making for his Danish Modern settee. Do not look too closely at the stitching! From a distance it all works though.

Be safe this weekend.


rachel said...

what material is that?

bethany janine said...

The fabric is "Tiffany" in "Raisin" from Tonic Living, a fabric dealer in Toronto, see it here:

Rob bought me a yard of it in Blue for Christmas and we loved it so much we decided to go with the more subdued version for the settee that will eventually be in his "study" that will be painted a mocha color.