Monday, February 25, 2008

blank canvas

This will be my last week in Rochester and then it is on to the Capital City. I have two weeks to get settled into the new place before starting the job. The extra padding is a lesson learned from other moves. It is worth your sanity to have the time to find your way to a grocery store before you need it. To have curtains up before the sun comes up. To know your way to the office before that first day dawns.

I kind of overload. I try to fit in too much. But this move--my ninth in twelve years--I am determined to give myself plenty of time to enjoy the nesting process. Perhaps this is also because it is the first move in which I will be setting myself up in my own space. My choice of everything, a blank canvas as it were.

The internets are rich with posters, prints, and original art to liven up my new space. (Which is still needing a name--all of my apartments/homes have had their own personalities.) I also have a lot of my own work and pieces I've collected from a handful of other sources already. The question is, what to choose. There are also curtains to make and some furnishings to purchase.

One source I am loving right now is the American Poster Institute, and specifically, the Hero and Sound Design Studio in Buffalo, NY. They have some fantastic silkscreen concert's a few I wouldn't mind owning.

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Patti said...

What--no comments on your newly earned title?! Of course, as Dad says: You still can't write a prescription, so what good is the title! Seriously...congratulations!! You are the most persistent person I know and your many years of hard work have paid off!
Love always, Mom