Monday, February 18, 2008

february ten

Over at SouleMama Amanda set out to fight the winter blahs by enumerating a February Ten, "ten little joys that are making me smile this week." Finding myself beat down by the grayness myself, I decided to try the same this morning.

1) Appreciating the sun that much more when it peeks through the clouds and lands on a pile of un-ironed fabric.

2) Planning for a new apartment.

3) Baking bread and enjoying it over dinner at my temporary home with my permanent family.

4) Visiting new places.

5) Getting ready for the big day, knowing that the finish line is well within sight.

6) Dreaming of local chocolate

7) Thinking of packing away the papers.

8) My Dad's self portraits left on my camera just for kicks.

9) Celebrating 80 years of living...

10) ...and longtime love.

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