Saturday, February 2, 2008

ice and snow and sleet and indie craft!

Friday night was something else. The weather went from bad to worse to impossible. But, faithful and brave indie hipsters are not to be deterred by such impediments. Spot Coffee was overflowing with flannel plaids, bearded wonders (including my own little brother and his company of friends), pigtails, dresses over pants, and some of the most lovely handmade crafts this side of Brooklyn. My mom and I scored two of the Pistachio Press letterpress notecards in the design I showed yesterday. We also both got something from Small Bird, which I would show you a picture of except for the fact that my rechargeable batteries for the digi-cam are charging no more. Check out the site though, perfectly proportioned jewelry at reasonable prices.

We also admired the work of Aijung Kim, Marie Verlinde , and Kerin Pantelakis. On our walk back to the car, we paused to consider the sparkling glory of the ice encrusted trees lining East Avenue. Forgive the phone pic, but there had to be a snap of this vision. Making the most of the winter wonderland!


Kevin John Gomez said...

"bearded wonders" eh? I'll take that as a compliment.

bethany janine said...

Of course KJG, that was a compliment! The beards are a distinctive part of hipster culture.