Friday, May 9, 2008

recipe update

I just finished off my lunch and wanted to jump on the computer to share this little tid bit. Take some of the leftover brown rice pilaf from Wednesday's post, add 2/3 cup of organic chicken broth, microwave for lunch--viola! Savory soup!

Yeah, I'm proud of my little discovery...and so ready to buy brown rice in bulk this week at the co-op. Have you seen the rising prices for rice? Need to stock up now so that even in the fall I'm rockin' huge batches of brown rice pilaf and soup.

Realistically, this pilaf to soup concoction would work with many of my other pilaf combinations:
- Carrot, orange, cumin with pistachios
- Tomato and dill with pepitas
- Dried cherries with almonds
- Dried cranberries with pecans

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