Wednesday, May 14, 2008

farmers market lovin'

As is often the case, I am on the road again. This week I've set up at my firm's Rochester branch for meetings all week. Staying with the family and enjoying the local haunts. The Southwedge neighborhood remains one of my favorite places--of all time. I've used this 'hood as my model when looking for housing in Wilmington, Philadelphia, and Albany. While coming pretty close in each city, there is no other neighborhood that combines these dynamics in just the same way.

Tomorrow I'll be headed over to the farmers market, a new addition since I moved away in 2003. Check it out Thursdays 4-8PM!


Bill Klingensmith said...

Thanks for the excitement about the South Wedge. We love, love, love it, too!

Rach said...

You should swing by and see our new house in the'll love it!