Friday, May 30, 2008

the blue and gold

Another mad dash to Delaware today. This time for something a little more celebratory--doctoral hooding convocation and commencement exercises. Four years, 300+ pages, eleven conferences, three sort-of-kind-of-pubs, three grad assistantships, one fellowship, one teaching semester, and thousands of commuter miles later, I get the bright blue gown with velvet bars and a fancy cap and hood. Oh yeah, and a piece of paper with fancy writing with three important words: Doctor of Philosophy.

Many of my favorite persons are going to be there, I'm looking forward to it! See you here on Monday.


Anonymous said...

I SO wish I could be there! Hope all goes well; enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

Considering that we were alomost 3 hours early, I wouldn't call it a "mad dash to Delaware". ;)