Monday, May 12, 2008


The Tulip Festival was fantastic. Who knew there were that many people in the Capital Region?! Brunch went off with only one meltdown--my Herb Potato Asparagus Frittata had some trouble getting flipped over and landed in an messy eggy heap, but was salvaged in time for the meal.

Saturday evening I showed my dad the wonders of Pandora Radio. He's a fan of country music (while I am not), so we had some fun reviewing what's available. The only problem is that I have my Pandora account linked to Facebook and as soon as we started listening to "Carrie Underwood Radio" my Facebook page started looking like I had lost my musical center. Cascaded like dominoes. There was my profile page just spilling over with un-hipster like music selections.

Last night RJR and I assembled my new compost set up out back. Very excited about this process. Yard photos to come soon!

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Anonymous said...

i would love to know how the composting goes - it's one thing i've felt i should be doing & just haven't gotten there yet. i'm particularly interested in apartment composting ... so any advice would be much appreciated! good luck with the setup!