Monday, March 31, 2008

we need it to live




Life giving.

You don't need a thesaurus to think of all the ways that we need water. But we do forget how often our water comes to us in containers that are wasteful and compromise other systems we should care about. Here are five reason's why bottled water should be reconsidered:

1) Bottled water isn't a good value

2) No healthier than tap water

3) Bottled water means garbage

4) Bottled water means less attention to public systems

5) The corporatization of water

(from Lighter Footstep)

This weekend I went out and got a refillable water bottle and a Brita to make my tap water a little less yucky. And I know, I've had Nalgene's in the past, and recognize the plastics issue. But for now, this bright shiny green bottle is my reminder that: I pledge to reduce bottled water waste. You can pledge too, here.

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