Thursday, March 13, 2008

the list

My list of things to do keeps getting longer. Groceries, utilities, employment paperwork, sofa delivery, paperwork for the university, heat, heat, heat...still trying to get the landlord to hook me up. Several attempts, another scheduled for Friday. Every time I reach for something or try to make a dish, I'm short one item. One speaker out of two for the stereo. All the ingredients to make March's cookie of the month, but not the electric mixer. Still, I am infinitely grateful that I've had this entire week to make sense of things, rather than having to leave these details until I'm too tired to get anything done.

I'm also looking forward to continuing to outfit the apartment with local finds. Ready to make a trip into the country for antiques shops. In addition, I have a vegetable garden to plan. While there is much more to do, I have snapped a few photos of before and after to show you the progress!

Kitchen before painting and arranging:

Kitchen after a grand dinner and painting:

Main room before:

Main room after:

The new home for my fabric stash and sewing/design studio:

Housewarming party soon...and warm invitation to visit after my heat and sleeper sofa are in place!


Patti said...

Wow, what a transformation since we were there! The kitchen cupboards look wonderful. The IKEA shelves make a nice divider. It must be great to have a special place to do projects finally. Homemade Christmas again this year? Love always.

Rachel said...

Nice choice of shelving for the fabric stash--enough for more! I love the exposed brick in your living room!