Tuesday, March 18, 2008

mid day mind

All sorts of thoughts buzzing around in my head today...not too much getting pinned down though. I have been so ready to get settled into a new place and the new job that I think I've sort of missed some of the real substance of getting planted. Thinking about all things growing of late so this metaphor kind of works. With the painting and the moving, I was looking above the ground, on the surface--the stuff people see. But what about the part that grows below? What's holding all the above ground growth in the ground itself?

I sat down last night after my first day of work and sifted through three boxes of ephemera to find just the right scraps of pictures, quotes, drawings, and notes to pin to a board next to my desk. Things that are me. The stuff that grounds me. I haven't gotten it all up yet, and want to leave room to guide the growing, but I did pick six items for this morning: a mass card with Our Lady of Guadalupe, a photo of me with kids planting a community garden in Rochester, a modern icon of Dorothy Day, a postcard that says simply: Trees Please, an oversized postcard image of the one that you see pictured above, a quote from Cardinal John Henry Newman, and a photo of RJR and I from what we call Round One. In this photo we are reading aloud to the younger siblings of a college friend. I adore it because it is nothing fancy or posed, but yet it perfectly captures our personalities and loves. It is one of three photos I saved from after the break up--sure glad I did since Round Two came along SIX YEARS later :)

These items all tell something about me. They also remind me where I've been, why I'm here, and maybe, light the road ahead. More to come in the days that follow!

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Rachel said...

I think it's funny how connected we get to those little things we pin up next to our desk and in our studios. When we moved, I kept an entire box full of those little pictures, postcards, clippings, and scraps because I couldn't bare to part with them.

I remember those Round One days!