Saturday, March 29, 2008

spring + upstate ny = snow in nearly april

Yes. Snow. Inches. Not a dusting.

What a world.

I'm back in my hometown this weekend for work and a visit with the family. Ok, and to fetch a number of items that didn't make it to Albany in the move. Packing is not one of my strong suits.

J and I will be stopping by my favorite new craft space in Fairport to scout out items for my Summer collection in the 540B line. Thinking mainly aprons and small bags, but who knows what the fabric selection will bring--the cuts are vintage and differing sizes. I will be selling at Art on Lark in late June in Albany and then go from there to see where I can sell in the area.

Maybe where you are it is not snowing. Maybe there are daffodils already blooming. Either way, happy Saturday!

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