Monday, March 3, 2008

new neighborhood

My internet access may be a bit off and on these next few days as I settle into my new place in the Capital City. I need to go out and get a provider, but that is boring work when there are curtains to sew and decorating to be done. The camera is still packed away from the weekend so no new pics of the space yet. I do have some enchanting moments to share from my first ever snowshoeing adventure yesterday...all in good time though.

One of the loveliest things about my new neighborhood is its proximity to the city's Catholic cathedral. It is a grand gothic design situated just below the capital buildings. In addition to the towering spires and inspiring addition to the skyline, the bells toll on the hour. I've never lived this close to a bell tolling church tower and I must say, I much prefer the bells over glancing at my cell phone to catch the time! The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is over 150 years old and has recently undergone the start of a major renovation under the leadership of the current bishop of the Albany diocese. According to the website: "The very stones that Bishop McCloskey's immigrant flock placed on the building have deteriorated over 150 years of wear and tear. The old, flaking stone is being replaced by new sandstone imported from England. A new rolled lead roof, the only one of its kind at present in America, is being installed. You might say the roof is the modern version of what was used in medieval times. The new stone and state of the art roof will ensure that the Cathedral will stand for many generations to come."

This is the Cathedral in the 1850s just peeking over the port.

This is the interior at present.

Juxtaposed with the high rises at Empire State Plaza. - All photos from the Cathedral website.

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