Saturday, December 13, 2008

yes, winter

Remember how I said it was officially winter now? Well, I was not lying. Thursday and Friday we were slammed with a huge ice and snow storm. Nearly 150,000 people lost power and once grand trees are laying in heaps of branches on sidewalks. Many in my office worked from home yesterday. I happened to be one of the few in Troy who kept electricity all night and all day. Around 4PM I decided I'd done my time--what with no coffee breaks, chats with colleagues, or gratuitous email--and headed out to the streets to survey the damage. As much beauty as tragedy it appeared to my eye. Gorgeous crystal berries, sparkling trees, and ethereal glass forests. After sunset the images became even more graceful and produced an eerie creaking sound. My apartment remained largely intact although there is water damage from melting snow and ice that made its way around the roof drain pipes and in through a leak in the roof instead. A bit of a mess right now. Waiting for contractors to return and repair the cosmetics. In the meantime, I am enjoying the icy glow of winter sun.

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Patti said...

Your photos captured the beauty! Thanks for sharing them.