Sunday, December 14, 2008

back to knitting

With giveHANDMADE concluded and all of my Christmas gifts made--except the food stuffs that must wait until that week--I am able to return to knitting. The green scarf is nearly complete, perhaps one more TV show or movie timelength to go. The handwarmers in ivory are not so close. In fact, Friday when I ventured out in the aftermath of the storm, I landed at a local coffeeshop to knit fire side. I've been frustrated with the quality of my stitches with the double-ended needles and decided to bind off and have a one wrist cuff. Stylish huh? Rocking the 80s in finely knit alpaca/wool blend. I am determined to begin again. But then it was the whole casting on thing that stumped me before. Oh well. The project fits nicely in a bag made by S and I think I will be taking it with me to any number of locations in the coming weeks of holiday cheer.

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Anonymous said...

You might want to try circular needles as an alternative to dpns. I personally don't like using double pointed needles -- so fiddly and a lot to hold at any given moment. A couple methods -- 2 short circulars or one long circular being used in the "magic loop" style are how I knit in the round more often than not.