Friday, December 5, 2008

last minute mania

That post about creative energy at the last minute, yeah, a bit optimistic. More like bleary eyed crafting late into the night that in the morning looks like something your 7th grader brings home from home-ec. Eek. It seems that each new piece I try to add to my selection for Saturday is worse than the last. Tonight I have a holiday party at a co-worker's house and then it will be back to work until I stumble out to the Farmers Market tomorrow to set up for GiveHANDMADE. By myself. How did I miss the fact that RJR would be out of town for work and that I wouldn't have help to set up, much less give me a break from hosting my table to mingle? Oh well. As I often say when facing something looming, "by this time tomorrow it will be over." Not that I am not excited. I am. But seriously, I take on too much. All the time. Been trying to remedy this.

Will write about the aftermath tomorrow! I am sure that there will be many lovely indy crafters there that will dull the pain of my pathetic booth. Be well and happy Friday!

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