Wednesday, August 6, 2008

revisted redeux

Lots of buzz about the new film adaptation of Evelyn Waugh's Brideshead Revisited. I have read Waugh's masterwork that contains themes of grace, redemption, faith, love, art and beauty and seen the 1981 eleven hour BBC mini-series adaptation. Then, only three weeks ago, I found myself on the estate that was featured in both the mini-series and the new film--Castle Howard.

The sweeping vistas of this family home are incredible and the unique architectural forms are magnificent, something that the new film exquisitely captures! Much like Charles Ryder's character, I visited the estate as an artist and was captivated by what I saw in person. From the gardens to the interior sculpture to the weathered outbuildings, there was a sense of superb craftspersonship (men or women?!) and interpretation of the landscape.

Even if you have no interest in seeing the film for its literary merits (or, like the boyfriend, you take issue with the adaptation's failure to fully grasp the Catholic themes), you might just fall in love with the fashion, the landscapes, the architecture, and the opulence of a time long gone.

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Patti said...

Having just seen Brideshead Revisited tonight, I had to go back and look at this entry. As I saw the fountain in the film, it was hard not to picture you next to it sketching.

I can understand how you could empathize with the longing the character of Charles experienced as he drank in both Castle Howard and Venice!