Monday, November 3, 2008

on sticks and mirrors

No, not smoke and mirrors, sticks and mirrors! I have a thing for both. As long as I can remember I have reveled in the structural presence of the naked branch. Maybe that is part of why I adore autumn, it is the slow unveiling of the tree, the foundation that holds up the lacy artifice that we see most the year. When these fall to the ground, whether due to weather or human intervention, I'm happy to bring a few home with me to decorate and delight. When J and I lived on Ashland Street in the Southwedge we had plenty of sticks in place, including one suspended above my bed to give it a sleeping in the forest feel.

More recently, I have added mirrors to my collection of must have items. With rules though, none over $20 and must have character. All four of those pictured here were found over the course of the last year in the boyfriend's hometown of Little Falls, NY. I'm telling you, people from the city must only go as far as Hudson, NY to go antiquing and thus miss out on the finds in the Mohawk Valley. The sticks, well, most of them are local too!

This is the one wall I have painted so far, deep chocolate. The mirror was an $8 find that I painted a flat black enamel. This tiny space is looking gothic this season.

Except this driftwood from Canadice!

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Patti said...

Your new spaces are becoming Bethanyized! I hope you never grow weary of making places, even rented ones, your own. You give them such character and beauty.