Friday, November 21, 2008

favorite things : : tea towels

Skinny LaMinx towel

I collect tea towels. Vintage, new, wonderfully absorbent tea towels. I cannot recall exactly when this phenomenon started, but it has reached a fevered peak. I have talked to many about my inability to buy paper towels. Won't stand for it. Tissues and toilet paper, sure thing. Paper towels and paper napkins, no. Not going to do it. So easy to tear off by the armful, sop up the mess, and discard where it eventually ends up entombed in a plastic bag coffin rustling in the breeze in the bucket of a pay loader piling one more layer of our consumerism at the county landfill. One of these landfills sits behind my parents' house. Ugh.

At my house, we use tea towels to sop up that mess, tea towels as napkins, and older worn out tea towels for the really dirty stuff. Some of my towels have been gleaned from flea markets, others from "antique" shops (stores with old stuff that would not really be considered historic), and a handful of new ones from snappy designers. What better way to spruce up the boring white apartment kitchen than with a colorful swath of fabric? The best towels are made of high quality cotton that gets better and better with each wash.

Etsy has many great choices if you want to start your collection today!

Lovelane towel

i love pink dots towel


Laura said...

hey beth-
i always check your blog and enjoy your posts! that brillant orange espresso machine looks enticing...i've been on the market for a few years now but haven't broken down to buy one yet. what is the brand and model of yours? satisifed??? any input would be greatly appreciated! laura m.

Patti said...

Taking a break from my work, I wandered through some of your links. I was looking at The Glass Doorknob at the book called Joy and Ride. In one of the November blogs, the woman had a link to a NY Times posting on home birth in NYC. Brings back many memories. I especially liked the way she and her daughter had such matter of fact discussions about the process and the body parts. Seems I've been there before...