Tuesday, September 2, 2008

porch life

Spent much of the holiday weekend inside working on a report for the job, but made up for those hours by enjoying a leisurely night on the porch Sunday evening, complete with Mason Jennings tunes floating by and my new mock sangria. Hung up lanterns and soaked in the last bits of summer on the porch that I will soon say goodbye to.

Monday was all good fun with favorite people and places, including an Adirondack hike and more of the boyfriend's crazy adorable godson Gavin. I'll post some photos soon! In the meantime, find yourself a warm night to try this quick version of summer in a glass: Cut nectarine into small chunks, place in glass. Pour mango juice (Goya works well) or OJ over the fruit. Toss in a shot of Coconut Rum, fill the remainder of the glass with a dry red wine. Add ice if you like.

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Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the late visit by our furry friends.