Thursday, September 18, 2008

nine moves and five cities

If it weren't for my love of cities and place-making, this weekend's move would be odious. Seriously. Nine moves in ten years. Ugh. Yeah, some of this is my own fault. I get that.

Tomorrow the family arrives to help move my worldly possessions from Albany to over the Hudson River into downtown Troy, NY. This fantastic urban community is becoming increasingly attractive to Capital District residents who want to be able to walk to restaurants, multiple farmers markets, church, community gardens, the river front, and more. There is a new co-op in the works and two great natural food stores. And, my favorite, a huge artisan community that gets together at the end of every month for Troy Night Out. You've already heard me talk about the Troy Waterfront Farmers Market. There is a great park on the next block over from my new apartment with a vibrant business association. Found an all organic salon too that didn't try to straighten my hair or die away the new gray strands when I went in for a cut a few weeks back.

The apartment has something of a similar set up as my Albany space, but with the addition of four small side rooms and a dining room. The largest of those smaller rooms faces a historic warehouse district and from its third floor perch you can just see the Hudson River. This room will soon become my very own studio for creating. The extra rent $ is almost entirely so that I could get that space. So looking forward to being able to spread out and not have to clean up, just close the door! Another of the small rooms will be a walk in closet and yet another a chapel/prayer/meditation space. There is guest room space too so I'm looking forward to hosting more overnight guests and visitors!

What I really need to do is get more furniture now! The boyfriend is loaning me a few pieces that have been in storage (getting the Danish Modern settee!) while his house is being renovated, but I still need to hunt up a dresser, a few arm chairs, and some studio tables/tables/sewing table. Huh, good thing I live a few blocks from the antiques district. One store in particular, Living Room, has some lovely finds.

RJR has a new/old pick up truck to haul the stuff. My parents and K come in tomorrow. I have boxes piled higher than my head. And, I've been on a mission to not buy any food to be sure to eat what is left in my fridge and freezer. Down to an egg, some condiments, and a few scallions. Sounds like tonight's omelet dinner will fulfill that challenge.

A few pics of the new space:

Bring on the new adventure...


Patti said...

A blank canvas awaiting the touch of the artist's hand...I eagerly look forward to the transformation!

bethheartstrees said...

the new place looks fantastic!!!

renee said...

hey, welcome to the 'hood! i recently moved too (down the street and around the corner). the unpacking process is a bit overwhelming, but worth it to be in a new space. enjoy!