Thursday, September 25, 2008

muji madness in manhattan

Yesterday I was in Manhattan for a lunch meeting and made a point to get over to the new Muji store on 8th Ave. Wow. What a place. I've read the reviews online and realized that the small notebooks would be a perfect base for 540B materials. For anyone who is obsessed with office supplies, good industrial design, and recycling, this is your place. If you make it to the city, there are two locations, one in Soho and the other in the New York Times building on 8th. I came home with nine notebooks (some for sale at RWC Homecoming this weekend!), colored pencils, and five pairs of socks made from recycled yarn. So cool.

A few Muji adaptation pics. Come by the art + craft tent at RWC on Saturday and take your own home.

And no, I haven't posted pictures of the apartment yet because it is still very much in the move in stage. Need a good long weekend to put it all together. On the road again this week so it will be a few more days to come.


Anonymous said...

I love Muji! Got hooked when I lived in the UK. My firm's offices are in the NY Times building, so when I get up there for work I'll have to stop by. Was going to try to call you last night but was in the office until close to 10pm...

bethany janine said...

That is insane! Sorry such long hours...Steph and I will staffing our table all day Saturday at Homecoming. Give one of us a call and we can at least say hey!