Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I try not to complain in this space. Or whine. But today, I am on a serious rant.

I got an email this morning, an EMAIL, from my landlord saying that she is selling the house, actually, let me rephrase, its going on the market by Friday. But, not to worry because it won't affect the "tenets" (not tenants, but tenets--of what faith, justice, democracy?). Really? Cause I think it probably will. Maybe raise the rent. Maybe change our lease arrangements. Maybe, just maybe, KICK US OUT!

Seriously, after all the work I've put into the garden and how much I've fallen in love with my neighborhood and my daily walk to work. And, for her to be so callous about it. Just makes me crazy. There is of course the reality that the market sucks and maybe it won't sell for awhile--at least till I harvest my tomatoes and zucchini. Then there's the fact that she is a bad landlord and I could get better. I could also get worse. Maybe the rents will go up, but there will be improvements made to our units. Who knows? I don't. And that, of course, is the bigger issue.

Wanting some control over some dimension of my life. I rent. I pay my bills alone. I have a tenuous job situation (not really a secret anymore). I just moved. I just landed in a new city. I just started this job. I guess people with mortgages, spouses, children, and pension jobs look this way and see greener grass. Maybe that's true. And maybe that's how I should see it.

But probably tomorrow. Today, I'm ranting. Thanks for listening :)

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Anonymous said...

Best of luck to you. Enjoy your blog, and hope you get a decent enough landlord. There are enough crap landlords in the area, so hoping you don't get one of the absentee ones (and even if they live locally, they can be absentee in not doing anything). No longer rent after many years of rental living, but can still empathize. Good luck.