Sunday, June 8, 2008

breakfast and a book

Lazy Sunday morning with breakfast and a book on the back porch. Today's pick: blueberry multi-grain pancakes with The Inheritance of Loss. Chair found at the curb a few weeks ago, tablecloth from a set of curtains I made for Ashland St.

I have taken to going to Mass Sunday evenings, which frees up Sunday morning for lolling about. Especially nice on these steamy summer days where doing too much can be taxing. City sounds surround. Showers starting. Dishes clanking in the sink. Kids balling in the court behind my house. Clothes flutter on the line. The swoosh of a hose being turned on to water plots.

Over the last few weeks the backyard is slowly being transformed.

Before photos--free mulch (in ugly black bags) from the community garden in the park behind the house:

After photos:

The hope is that we can plant some grass seed in the stubborn soil and actually have a yard. If not, then it will be a mix of mulch and stones with gardens along the edge.


Patti said...

This landlord has found quite the tenant!! I am duly impressed by this transformation.

I think things appear on the curb when you are near--I have yet to find anything amazing such as do you!

Great work, both of you.

bethheartstrees said...

the patio looks great! i can't wait to be out of boxes & sitting on the patio with a book :) (& probably a baby by the time the boxes are unpacked!)