Thursday, January 31, 2008

winter sun

I have been cloistered away for four straight days now making final edits to my dissertation before it is put out for review at our school. Because I have relocated temporarily before starting my job, I am enjoying a different venue for writing. The library at my undergraduate institution is brand new this fall with over a dozen perfect places to work. There is a central "quiet" area that features lovely cherry colored desks, stunning windows, and a fireplace. A fireplace that crackles quietly across from you while you write words no one but your committee will ever read. Or maybe your mom or your person, but even that is a stretch. At 300+ pages I wouldn't ask anyone to torture themselves.

Upstate New York can be a decidedly gray place. So, on days like today, when the sun is slanting across the desk so deliciously, I can't help but be a bit more motivated, to find a way to draw a portion of intelligence from the keys clicking away under my fingertips.

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