Monday, July 7, 2008

keeping it local

RJR and I have been trying to stay local in these days of high gas prices so this weekend's holiday leisure time was kept close to home. We ventured out to Hudson, NY on Sunday. According to a story in a Boston paper, Hudson has become a go to place for antiquing and wandering: "Along this one-mile stretch of Warren Street there are 65 antique dealers, 28 restaurants and cafes, 27 gallery and exhibition spaces, 15 architectural styles, plus gift shops, clothing boutiques, houseware emporiums, thrift shops, junk shops, convenience stores, bookstores, and one vacuum cleaner retailer."

We thoroughly enjoyed the jaunt (Noun - a pleasure trip or outing). One of my favorite stores was Neven and Neven Moderne, populated by mid-century finds, including these fantastic chairs.

There was an especially nice selection of Herman Miller pieces. You can see more of the history of this company and its '50s design aesthetic here.

Another great aspect of Hudson is the architecture. It ranges from Georgian to Carpenter Gothic to Arts and Crafts. This particular home was also on Warren Street and a bit anachronistic in color, but what a hue!

This place was a jumble of industrial and farm tools.

The Spotty Dog Books & Ale has hit on every intellectuals dream shop by combining beer, books, and art supplies. I purchased a red journal for the London trip and some ink pens to add to my pack of drawing and painting supplies I'm bringing to document our journey.

Hudson is a fine location for a weekend trip, there are a range of Bed and Breakfast options and dining opportunities. Our lunch at Mexican Radio (also a restaurant in NYC) concluded with a scrumptious flan rated Best in America by Latina Magazine.


Anonymous said...

I didn't see any True Black!

North Fifth Street said...

Love your new urbanist take on The 12534!